Take a closer look at a selection of Brands from our Portfolio:


DT launches DesignThinkers Academy 'Learning by Doing'

We offer and co-create Training Programs for Professionals and Teams in Corporate and Governmental environments, Study Tours, Masterclasses, Summer Schools and Personal Coaching.
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DT is official partner of the global SAP Design Thinking team EMEA

DesignThinkers Group is official partner of the global SAP Design Thinking team. Facilitating SAP Sales and Presales teams implementing Design Thinking in Account Planning for the EMEA region.


Service Design Thinking for Retail Case in Africa, Train the Trainer

DT Group was asked bij Vlisco to train the Brand Innovation Team and build a Retail Case. We facilitated sessions and visualized Context Mapping, Customer Journey Mapping and Service Scenarios for the first Pilot Store in Africa.


DT Group facilitates Patient Journey Mapping for Nutricia

DT Group was asked to facilitate and visualize the outcomes of Patient Journey Mapping sessions, based on specific Personas. Commissioned by Nutricia, Advanced Medical Nutrition.


DT Group facilitates London Study Tour 'Innovation in Education'

Together with DesignThinkers Group's partner in Singapore DesignSojourn, we facilitated a Study Tour for the Singapore Government with specific theme: 'Innovation in Education'.
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DT designs Campaign for Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

It was the first time a Campaign for this Ministry was designed making use of Service Design Thinking: focusing on the value for the traveller to improve the services provided. Making use of Customer Journey Mapping and Co-Creation Sessions.


Next D*DNA Meetup at Volkswagen A.G. June 24th & 25th 2013

DesignThinkers initiated and facilitates DesignersDNA, an international network of 'Corporate Change Agents' within global corporate organizations like Philips, Volkswagen, Rabobank, DSM, Océ and Schiphol.
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DesignThinkers Group designs Future Brand for AIESEC

Together with focus groups all over the world, we help AIESEC design the future of the brand. Redesigning the way the brand is playing a key role in the service delivery of AIESEC towards customers and other stakeholders.


DT facilitates Co-Creation sessions for Amsterdam Smart City

DesignThinkers was asked to facilitate Co-Creation sessions to work with all stakeholders on Concepting, Business Modeling and Value Networking. The outcome will be presented in a Roadmap for CO2 reduction.
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DT facilitates Bootcamp Service Design Singapore 21-22 June

DT is very proud to work together with UX Design Specialists in Singapore organizing a Bootcamp on Service Design Thinking in June this year. The Bootcamp is now open for registration.
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DT welcomes Douwe Egberts Master Blenders 1753 for Co-Creation

The Co-Creation Sessions will be held in our Creative Space in Amsterdam and we will focus on sharing long term scenario's on the culture of drinking coffee. Which changes and trends could be translated in possible scenario's?


DesignThinkers works on Mobility Services for NS (Dutch Railways)

The main focus is Utrecht’s central train station. Currently undergoing a fundamental redevelopment, this represents an excellent opportunity for innovating the Service Experience of train passengers. Soon more.


Customer Journey & Value Network Mapping for Insurance Services

DesignThinkers is designing new services for Insurance Company Storebrand in Norway. One of the first outcomes is designing a 'Community of Care'. We will publish a Casestudy description online soon.


Co-Creation Sessions for Retailing Company Auchan

DesignThinkers will facilitate Co-Creation Sessions for Retailing Company Auchan. Auchan's ambition is to work towards a sustainable enterprising business, by putting the customer at the heart of the business.


Sign Up for Green StartupLAB 'initiated by Green Metropole'

The Green StartupLAB offers a unique opportunity to Startups, based in the Amsterdam region, with sustainability at the heart of the product and service development. Sign up for a free session on Friday, March 23.
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DT welcomes Japanese Delegation for Service Design MasterClass

We are very proud to start the year 2012 with an in-house MasterClass for Nomura Research Insitute and NTT Data Institute Management Consulting from Japan to learn more about our Service Innovation Approach and Corporate Cases.


DT is designing for the Centre for Service Innovation AHO in Norway

DesignThinkers is very honored to be working for the Centre for Service Innovation (CSI) AHO in Norway. We will be facilitating workshops on innovations in customer and brand experiences for several mayor companies. Soon more.


Launch DT Chile 14/15th of November 2011 by Alfredo Osorio

DT Chile will be launched officially 14/15th of November 2011 by Alfredo Osorio at the National Event, opened by the minister of Economic Affairs in Chile, 'Diseña innovacion, emprende negocios - 1 taller nacional'.
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DT designs for Shell, Gasunie, IRO and Ministry of Economic Affairs

Shell, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Gasunie and IRO have asked DesignThinkers to create a concept to share the Dutch vision on energy. The concept 'Energising the Future' will be presented in Qatar December 7th.
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DesignThinkers works alongside the professionals at Philips Design

We are very happy and proud to be able to work alongside the professionals at Philips Design. For a new Philips Summit this Fall we will assist in designing Business Models, Communities, Roadmaps and Service Blueprints.


DT facilitates United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

Our main challenge is to facilitate the Idea Generation Process of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in Egypt, using Service Design tools. How to maintain valuable customer relationships in times of crisis?


MasterClass Customer Journey LAB for FreedomLab Future Studies

DesignThinkers Customer Journey LAB uses an integrated view on the Customer's Experience to uncover Key Customer Insights needed for the development of Real and Valuable Solutions.


DT is Customer Journey Mapping for Fashion Brand Sandwich_

How to turn a Fashion label into a true Fashion Brand? How can we design a Loyalty Program that suits future needs? How can Social Media help the Brand? First step is gaining insights from the Customer Journey. Soon more.


DT is working for a new S-Korean TV Station, defining Brand Values

DT was asked to define the Key Brand Values of a new South Korean TV Station, using Design Thinking tools. The new TV Station will be launched this year and is owned by JoongAng Media Network (JMnet), one of Korea's largest Media Groups. In this project we work closely together with our Associate Erik Roscam Abbing from Zilver.


DesignThinkers designs Brand for Telegraaf Media Nederland

Telegraaf Media Nederland (TMG) is about to launch a nationwide network of hyperlocal sites. The portal is called dichtbij.nl and will be online end of this year. DT was responsible for the design and the story of the Brand.
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Province of Noord-Brabrant Sustainable Mobility Community

The community aims to facilitate conversations and knowledge sharing on Sustainable Mobility for organizations in The Province of Noord-Brabant. DesignThinkers is working together with mobility expert Bureau H2o.
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High Potentials Programme for Ministry of Foreign Affairs

DesignThinkers was asked by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to design and implement a Community for future High Potentials. We named the Community Programme: 'Come and join our Network'. Soon more.


DesignThinking for Hyperlocal Online Initiative TMG

Telegraaf Media Groep has asked DesignThinkers to join their Project Team to test several concepts for online (hyper)local news. Design Thinking Methodologies like Co-Creation are key elements for success.


Designing for Science Port Holland

Science Port Holland will form one of the leading innovation hotspots in Europe. DesignThinkers was asked by DSM and TU Delft, University of Technology to visualize this unique proposition for marketing purposes.

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World Expo 2010 Shanghai 'Better City, Better Life'

From 1 May till 31 October, the World Expo 2010 takes place in Shanghai. The participants are challenged to come up with ideas for liveable cities in the 21st century. DesignThinkers was asked to design a complete Press Toolkit.


DT launches Health Care Initiative: CareToDesign

CareToDesign consists of a network of specialists in Branding, New Marketing Strategy & Innovation, all with a passion for health care. CareToDesign focuses on customer-driven innovation in health care, using Design Thinking tools.
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Graham Hill becomes Associate DesignThinkers

With Graham Hill DesignThinkers strengthens its Design Thinking force.
Graham is a senior professional who has extended experience in all Customer-driven Innovation, Customer Experience Management and Customer Co-creation.
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Philips and DesignThinkers join forces in Community

Philips and DesignThinkers have agreed upon working together on building a community of highly experienced professionals using Design Thinking and Service Design tools and methods within large complex organizations. Soon more.


DT starts LAB Pilots at Ministry of Economic Affairs

DesignThinkers is working closely together with NL Agency, department of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, on Customer Journey LAB Pilot projects. Main goal is to give insights and search for ways to improve Customer Care.


DT designs Crowdsourcing tools for Greenpeace

The Greenpeace organization is one amongst many 'communicators' of 'the green message'. Within this context of green messages you firstly look at how the recipients experience all these messages. Soon more.


DT designs Publication for New York festivities

The publication is published within the framework of the festivities around Henry Hudson, who four hundred years ago moored with its ship on the island Manhattan, and will be distributed by the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs.
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Internal Branding: Gasunie takes gas transport further

Europe relies on natural gas, it is vital to our society. Gasunie's network plays a key role in ensuring security of natural gas supply. How to visualize for internal branding purposes such an important role?

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NL Agency: Internal Campaign 'Spotlights'

DesignThinkers created an internal campaign for NL Agency, department of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, called 'Spotlights'. Highlighting creative and collaborative projects.
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New Publication on Service Design

DesignThinkers participated in writing a book on Service Design called "Designing Services with Innovative Methods". This publication presents the emerging and increasingly important field of Service Design.
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DT is developing Services for Ports of Amsterdam

DesignThinkers will research and develop new ways of building relationships with potential employees and workers. Our main focus will be on developing new services around public transport, to improve the image of the ports and get them closer to the people.

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The Water Board: 'Building Relationships'

The Water Board (Waterschap Vallei & Eem) is a public organization and provides the Dutch with a very important service: They take care of all the water. And since half of the Netherlands lies below sea-level their work is vital to the country.

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Olympic Winter Games 2014 Sochi

In 2014 Russia will host its first ever Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. This will present a big challenge for Russia to show the world its capacity in organising a world level sport event.

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Business of Design Week Hong Kong

Last years Business of Design Week (BODW) was held in Hong Kong from the 10th until the 15th of december. The BODW is Asia’s leading international conference dedicated to Design, Brand and Innovation.
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Ministry of Economic Affairs chooses DesignThinkers

After a European tender competition DesignThinkers signs a contract with the EVD (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs). For at least three years DesignThinkers will work together with the Ministry on the development of International Strategies and Service Concepts.


Holland Branding

A short while ago we created a so called Brand Book (a Silver Box with three books in it... and a Miffy) for the Branding of Holland. This was part of a larger Nation Branding Project we are working on for the Dutch government.

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Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA)

DesignThinkers will assist the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) while exploring and developing new ways to achieve their goals. 'Why invest in Holland' is the principal theme. Take a look at the Corporate Presentation we created: 'Why invest in Holland?'

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Mobile Phone Service Provider

DesignThinkers was asked to develop a new Mobile Phone Service Provider and innovative Mobile Services. Because of the competitiveness of the market we can't disclose our ideas and client yes. But what we can say is that we are developing a Service Provider with a strong regional and social focus.


Meeting Spot The end of the World

Come and visit us at our new Meeting Spot at The end of the World.


M&S Mode: 'Real Women'

M&S Mode is an international fashion brand for women with 423 stores in 6 different countries. DesignThinkers works together with M&S Mode while developing a new international strategy and a vision on interactive marketing aimed at women.

We help organizations design Brands, Product Service Systems and Cultures of Trust.

To strengthen their capability to innovate and enable the Co-Creation of Value with all Stakeholders.

Our goal is to create Sustainable Business based on a long term and Human Centred Vision.

We believe in the importance of Creative Thinking and learning by Doing.

DesignThinkers is a Design Driven Service Innovation Company.

Empowerment of the customer is making strong brands vulnerable.

We help organizations design Brands, Product Service Systems and Cultures of Trust.

To strengthen their capability to innovate and enable the Co-Creation of Value with all Stakeholders.

Our goal is to create Sustainable Business based on a long term and Human Centred Vision.

We believe in the importance of Creative Thinking and learning by Doing.

DesignThinkers is a Design Driven Service Innovation Company.

Empowerment of the customer is making strong brands vulnerable.
We help organizations design Brands, Product Service Systems and Cultures of Trust.

To strengthen their capability to innovate and enable the Co-Creation of Value with all Stakeholders.

Our goal is to create Sustainable Business based on a long term and Human Centred Vision.

We believe in the importance of Creative Thinking and learning by Doing.

DesignThinkers is a Design Driven Service Innovation Company.

Empowerment of the customer is making strong brands vulnerable.

We help organizations design Brands, Product Service Systems and Cultures of Trust.

To strengthen their capability to innovate and enable the Co-Creation of Value with all Stakeholders.

Our goal is to create Sustainable Business based on a long term and Human Centred Vision.

We believe in the importance of Creative Thinking and learning by Doing.

DesignThinkers is a Design Driven Service Innovation Company.

We believe in the importance of Creative Thinking and learning by Doing.

Empowerment of the customer is making strong brands vulnerable.

DesignThinkers is a Design Driven Service Innovation Company.


We believe in the importance of Creative Thinking and Learning by Doing
DesignThinkers is one of the leading 'design driven' Innovation Agencies helping organizations around the world making the transition from being strictly product orientated and sales driven, towards being service orientated and human centered. We help organizations design Brands, Product Service Systems and Cultures of Trust. To strengthen their capability to innovate and enable the co-creation of value with all stakeholders.

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DT designs Service Scenarios for Restaurant Case using Customer Journey Mapping Methodology, Commissioned by CDRI Taiwan

DT Group facilitated and designed for a fast food restaurant case Service Scenarios and Service Blueprints. Using Customer Journey Mapping Methodology and Co-Creation Sessions. Commissioned by CDRI, Taiwan.
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Sign up for the Design Thinkers Bootcamp Week: 'LEARNING BY DOING' Amsterdam 12/05 - 16/05 (in English)

The DesignThinkers Bootcamp offers a unique team of internationally recognized and highly experienced Design Thinking practitioners from the business, design and academic world. A combination of Personal Coaching, Master Classes and in-depth knowledge of Service Design Thinking Tools and Methodology. ‘Learning by Doing’ at the DesignThinkers Bootcamp May 12th – 16th 2014 in Amsterdam with as main objective: Guiding participants how to apply Design Thinking to Business.

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DesignThinkers keeps you up to date about Design Thinking and New Marketing. Check out our DT Blog to read interesting articles from our Associates, Events and other News items:


DT launches new own brand for Touchpoint Design: DT Concept Studio

Touchpoint Design Studio by DesignThinkers Group for Brand & Communication Design, Digital Design, Data Visualization, Architecture & Interior Design. Our touchpoint design includes: identities, campaigns, books, flyers, websites, magazines, films, packaging, interior design, interaction design, exhibitions, logos, illustrations, infographics, photography, videos, posters, animations, signing. Join us on Facebook.


Explore and design your business in 90 minutes with our 'Think like a Startup Canvas', download your own free copy of the Canvas here

Explore and design your business in 90 minutes with our Startup Canvas. A design driven framework, and process to use when building a value driven business or to see your business as if it was a Startup. It will show the users of the tool how to align values with organisational models, culture, propositions, business model and customer values and goals.

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How to improve the Customer Experience of your Brand?

The Customer Journey LAB provides an environment where TRUE customer centric service innovation takes place involving relevant stakeholders using a 'design driven' approach. We offer our creative LAB sessions for identifying improvements and new opportunities. Our creative thinkers can help your company improve the customer experiences of your brand using tools like: Customer Journey Mapping, Persona's, Stakeholder & Value Network Mapping etc..
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DesignThinkers facilitates the Community of Practice for Innovation in Education, Commissioned by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

DesignThinkers facilitates the Community of Practice for Innovation in Education, Commissioned by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Join the conversation on Facebook


Join the 'Think Like a Startup' workshop, November 14 Charlotte, NC, USA

See your organization through a different lens in the 'Think Like a Startup' workshop designed to help leaders in any type of organization reframe their sources of innovation.

Participants will build a value-driven business through an intensive, gamified version of the business model canvas. The Startup Canvas demonstrates how to align team values, organizational culture, product offerings, and business models with customer needs and goals. For more information, visit worthwhile.com.


DesignThinkers Group has joined forces with Loughborough University

International Innovation Agency DesignThinkers Group has joined forces with Loughborough University to help promote and develop experience driven design. The collaboration will form a new UK chapter of the Design and Emotion Society – a global network of academics, designers and companies who exchange research, tools and methods that support the involvement of human-centred emotional experience in the design process.

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Out now: Paperback version ‘This is Service Design Thinking’

DesignThinkers co-authored the European Design Award Winner 'This is Service Design Thinking: Basics, Tools, Cases'. How to design and market services to create outstanding Customer Experiences? A paperback version is available now.
Click here to read the first chapter online


DesignThinkers at PICNIC '12 for CREATE-IT Applied Research Amsterdam

In assignment of the Amsterdam University of Applied Services, CREATE-IT, DesignThinkers was asked to facilitate Co-Creation Sessions to guide participants through the design process of creating a new business. We created a Startup Canvas and Toolkit for the participants to use in this high energy 90 minutes sessions.
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DT hosts Co-Creation Event in London on 'Emotional IT' 3rd of July 2012

This Co-Creation Event is the first in a series bringing together a diverse group of IT innovators and other creative minds. The event is inspired by the changes we are currently facing. Which challenges are we facing exactly? What do they mean for IT? What are the opportunities these changes create? What value can Service Design Thinking bring to IT?
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Integrating Architecture and Nature

Article by Joel Van Dyke, managing partner DesignThinkers Group U.S.A.
As a child, I had the privilege of engaging nature in ways that have impacted the rest of my life. I grew up with a grandmother who loved to grow things. I remember at a young age picking fruits and vegetables that seemed to grow effortlessly in her Florida garden. Trips to my great aunt’s mountain house were a rich source of memories; wading in creeks, walking in the woods, driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and creating scrapbooks of paraffin-dipped fall leaves.

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'Why You Need To Rethink, Reposition, And Reinvent Service Operations'

Join us for a complimentary Webinar on April 12, 2012 at 10 am PT/1 pm ET on Service Design. James Rock, Strategic Designer and Managing Director of DesignThinkers UK will discuss what Service Design is, what Service Designers do differently and introduce you to the tools and methods we use to engage customers and employees to accelerate change.
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DT Keynote Speaker on Service Design 'Design Bites' Seminar in Finland

Johannes van den Eerenbeemt, Associate of DesignThinkers, is Keynote Speaker on the Service Design 'Design Bites' Seminar in Finland. Johannes will share the tools and thoughts we are developing for the Health Care Sector, with our initiative CareToDesign.
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Latest News: Telegraaf Media Nederland (TMG) about to launch new Brand

Telegraaf Media Nederland (TMG) is about to launch a nationwide network of hyperlocal sites. The portal is called dichtbij.nl and will be online next month. DesignThinkers is responsible for the Design and the Story behind the Brand. Read more on Emerce


Latest News: London Service Design Party & UnConference SOLD OUT

We are organising this event to create a good reason to get together, share and get inspired. Topic: '10 years of Service Design, Now What?'
Check out our Design Thinking Network for more information.


DesignThinkers Key Note Speaker at AEGON Marketing Conference April 15th

'Trust, the next big thing'. This is the title of DesignThinkers Key Note for AEGON's Marketing Conference April 15th. How to close the 'trust gap' that has grown too wide? How can AEGON start good relationships with customers built on trust? Read our thoughts on trust:


Design Thinking Network, Powered by Wenovski

The people at DesignThinkers are specialists in facilitating Conversations, building Communities and are strong supporters of self organisation and cross disciplinary Collaboration. That is why we started an open platform for sharing ideas between Creative Thinkers from all possible backgrounds. Over 1700 professionals already joined the Design Thinking Network, Powered by Wenovski.
Check it out...


DT 5 Steps Service Innovation Method

DesignThinkers assists Public and Private organizations and companies in delivering the best possible Service. We help them to be more innovative and competitive. To do so we created a 5 Steps Service Innovation Method. This Method is used as a guide while working on complex Service Design projects.

DesignThinkers_SD_Method_09.pdf (588.31 kB)


DesignThinkers takes part at Global Service Jam 2011

On 11 March, 2011, people interested in Service and Customer Experience will meet all over the globe. In a spirit of experimentation, co-operation and friendly competition, teams will have 48 hours to develop brand new services inspired by a shared theme.
Find out what happens at the Service Jam.


Graham Hill Blogger at 'Enterprise Social 2.0', Brussels

Graham will be one of the ‘Official Bloggers’ at the 'Enterprise Social 2.0' event in Brussels during the 8th/9th March. Graham will be tweeting (hashtag #es20) and blogging interviews with the people responsible for Social CRM in many organisations just like these. Look out for Grahams' tweets and posts from the event over the next few days!

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Book Launch Erik Roscam Abbing, Brand-Driven Innovation

By Erik Roscam Abbing, Associate DesignThinkers and Owner at Zilver Innovation
On October 27, 2010 Erik Roscam Abbing introduced his new book on Brand Driven Innovation. In an inspiring afternoon, speakers from the academic and business world shared their ideas and visions on the subject. We'd like to recommend this inspiring book as it shows the power and business advantage of Brand Driven Innovation.
Click here for more information


The use of Service Design is gaining Momentum

By Arne van Oosterom for EMERCE
Unfortunately, most organisations are not capable of listening to stories. And this is why the gap between "inside and outside" has grown too wide. To stay competitive and survive the changes organisations are presently facing, they need to reassess the way they are structured, function and build relationships with customers.
Read the article on EMERCE (in Dutch)


Extreme CRM MakeOver in Seven Days

By Graham Hill, Senior Associate and Strategic Advisor DesignThinkers
It only takes seven days to give an organisation a complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) MakeOver. At 'CRM in 1 Day' Hill presented the key questions a company should ask in order to achieve this. Key to succes is listening to the customer. That does not mean that companies lose control over their customers. "Control is an illusion," says Hill.
Read the full article Extreme CRM MakeOver in Seven Days (in Dutch)


DT hosts Creative Corner at PICNIC '10 for Vodafone

Our world is getting increasingly complex and interconnected. The rise of powerful Service Ecosystems developed by Google and Apple are challenging our traditional Business Models. In this hands-on sessions we will discover the possibilities Design Thinking offers for Redesigning Business. DesignThinkers will host the Creative Corner for a.o. Vodafone on wednesday, thursday and friday.
Check out the full Program on the PICNIC '10 website


DesignThinkers Moderator on Emerce eDay, September 16th

Emerce eDay is the yearly Dutch Convention for online business and marketing decision makers. New strategies, cases, concepts and technology on e-business will be delivered by national and international Keynote speakers. DesignThinkers was asked to take part at Emerce eDay in the role of Moderator. September 16th, Van Nelle Design Factory, Rotterdam.
Check out the Emerce eDay website for more information


LAB sessions and opening Keynote at CCC 2010

The Creative Company Conference is excited to announce the core themes of its 2010 Conference: Design thinking, Services Design and Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the creative industries. The Creative Company Conference has asked DesignThinkers to facilitate Customer Journey LAB Break-Out Sessions. Arne van Oosterom will be one of the Keynote Speakers at the Conference.
Read more about the Creative Company Conference Program


10 Steps to Customer Journey Mapping

By Arne van Oosterom, MYCUSTOMER.com. To stay competitive and survive the changes organisations are facing today, they need to reassess the way they build relationships with customers. Customer Journey Mapping could hold the key to analysing and improving the Customer Experience. DesignThinkers lists the 10 key ingredients to a Customer Journey Map.
Read the article on MYCUSTOMER.com


Arne van Oosterom Closing Keynote Speaker on IA Conference

The theme of this year's IA Conference is "Service Design Thinking". It looks at a challenge that information architects find themselves facing again and again; how to create benefits that really make a difference to the user, that are perceived as being innovative and thus strengthen the product’s or service provider’s brand in the long term.
Take a look at the Keynote "Building a Culture of Trust"


Next UnConference to be held in New York City Febr. 12th

A WENOVSKI Design Thinking UnConference is a relatively small gathering of Creative Thinkers. The NYC UnConference is a collaboration between DMD Insight, AIGIA, Parsons New School for Design and WENOVSKI & DesignThinkers. To attend the NYC UnConference or to keep informed about future UnConferences go to our WENOVSKI platform.
Go to the WENOVSKI Design Thinkers Network


DesignThinkers is lecturing in New York City

On Feb 9th-13th Arne van Oosterom (Partner at DesignThinkers) will be at the Parsons School of Design Strategies in New York City for a Strategic Session and lecturing on Service Design and Design Thinking.
Business Week already commented, written by Bruce Nussbaum


Goodbye Process-Thinking. Hello Design-Thinking

By Graham Hill, Customers & More. If I was advising a client today on who are the best Customer Experiences (CEX) designers, I would be pointing them to design agencies like DesignThinkers in Amsterdam, live|work or Engine Service Design, not to the CEX consultancies that I might have used only a few years ago.

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Twitter Interview with Adformatie

DesignThinkers gave a short interview to the Dutch marketing and advertisement magazine Adformatie...via Twitter. Subject: "How experimental is the Dutch Media World?"

Download a PDF with the article (in Dutch)

Adformatie Interview Twittergekwetter (202.15 kB)


DT Workshop on Service Design at the MCI University

Arne van Oosterom from DesignThinkers gave a lecture and workshop on Service Design at the MCI Bridging University & Business in Austria on May 12 and 13. The Service Design Workshop will be part of the students graduation project. Take a look at the Workshop Presentation:


International Service Design Network

DesignThinkers is a member of the International Service Design Network. Take a look at the other members and what the network does....