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Holland Branding

A short while ago we created a so called Brand Book (a Silver Box with three books in it... and a Miffy) for the Branding of Holland. This was part of a larger Nation Branding Project we are working on for the Dutch government.

We created a mainly visual Brand Book and it's used as a starting point and source of inspiration by the Dutch government and other Dutch organizations. We worked on this project together with Nation Branding specialist Simon Anholt. Especially because we were aloud to tell an emotional story using images and narratives.

Take a look at:

"... and the Dutch created Holland"


Ministry of Economic Affairs chooses DesignThinkers

After a European tender competition DesignThinkers signs a contract with the EVD (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs). For at least three years DesignThinkers will work together with the Ministry on the development of International Strategies and Service Concepts.

We develop Service Design Thinking Strategy and Marketing Campaigns, build Communities and Design Innovative products and services.

Design Thinking is the glue between all disciplines.

DT is a co-operative organisation existing of several Associates.


Shell International: Movie 'Energising the Future'

The National Comity WPC Netherlands (Shell, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Gasunie and IRO) have asked DesignThinkers to create a presentation which is to be held by the Minister of Economic Affairs during the 20th WPC in Qatar December 7th 2011, the most influential meeting place of the global oil and gas industry.

The presentation tells the story of the important Dutch contribution to the petroleum industry in the past and present and it will share the Dutch vision on energy in a world in transition. DesignThinkers will work in close collaboration with Shell International.

Dutch Masters Part I

Resources of the Past

Dutch Masters Part II

Present Power

Dutch Masters Part III

Energising the Future