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Holland Branding

A short while ago we created a so called Brand Book (a Silver Box with three books in it... and a Miffy) for the Branding of Holland. This was part of a larger Nation Branding Project we are working on for the Dutch government.

We created a mainly visual Brand Book and it's used as a starting point and source of inspiration by the Dutch government and other Dutch organizations. We worked on this project together with Nation Branding specialist Simon Anholt. Especially because we were aloud to tell an emotional story using images and narratives.

An ongoing conversation and feeling of co-ownership is the key to a succesfull relationship between service provider and end-user.


DT is developing Services for Ports of Amsterdam

DesignThinkers will research and develop new ways of building relationships with potential employees and workers. Our main focus will be on developing new services around public transport, to improve the image of the ports and get them closer to the people.

The seaports and airport of Amsterdam are of major economic importance to the city of Amsterdam and its surrounding area. As the activities within the ports grow so does the need for employees and workers.

DesignThinkers will work together with mobility experts Bureau H2O.