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A short while ago we created a so called Brand Book (a Silver Box with three books in it... and a Miffy) for the Branding of Holland. This was part of a larger Nation Branding Project we are working on for the Dutch government.

We created a mainly visual Brand Book and it's used as a starting point and source of inspiration by the Dutch government and other Dutch organizations. We worked on this project together with Nation Branding specialist Simon Anholt. Especially because we were aloud to tell an emotional story using images and narratives.

Just like the other two industrial revolutions, it is going to change the way we work, live, and educate our children.


Olympic Winter Games 2014 Sochi

In 2014 Russia will host its first ever Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. This will present a big challenge for Russia to show the world its capacity in organising a world level sport event.

The Games will be innovative and ecological, so enormous tasks and opportunities lie ahead.

Dutch entrepreneurs can play a significant role in achieving this goal. They have a long and proven experience in different fields such as sustainable energy, safety and security, construction and engineering, infrastructure, transport and logistics.

DesignThinkers will develop different kind of Presentation tools for the Netherlands Economic Mission Olympic Winter Games 2014 Moscow & Sochi.