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10 Steps to Customer Journey Mapping

By Arne van Oosterom
To stay competitive and survive the changes organisations are facing today, they need to reassess the way they build relationships with customers. Customer Journey Mapping could hold the key to analyzing and improving the Customer Experience.

A product or service is merely a means to an end. The real deeper value lies in the story attached.

I don’t want to own a coffee maker - I need to wake up early with a little help from a cup of coffee. I don’t want to use a train - I want to get home to my wife and children. I don’t want to go to a store and buy a stereo set - I just want to listen to my favourite rock music when I’m home, it makes me unwind after work.

DesignThinkers lists the 10 key ingredients to a Customer Journey Map.

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(English spoken) The DesignThinkers Bootcamp offers a unique team of internationally recognized and highly experienced Design Thinking practitioners from the business, design and academic world. A combination of Personal Coaching, Master Classes and in-depth knowledge of Service Design Thinking Tools and Methodology. ‘Learning by Doing’ at the DesignThinkers Bootcamp February 15th - February 19th 2016 in Amsterdam with as main objective: Guiding participants how to apply Design Thinking to Business.

The coaches will share their experiences during the DesignThinkers Bootcamp week and will guide you and your team on a specific topic during the process from doing Research to Designing Service Concepts and Implementation of these Concepts in complex organizations.

The facilitators will focus continuously on your teams’ progress of the different activities during the DesignThinkers Bootcamp.

Arnoud Koning, will be your Business Coach. Within Procter & Gamble’s Global Business Services organization, Arnoud set up a global Design Thinking program and has experienced Design Thinking in Service Design up to savings & simplification programs.

Arne van Oosterom, will be one of your daily facilitators. Arne advises on complex innovation and design projects with industry and national governments. Arne is founder of DesignThinkers Group and DesignThinkers Academy.

David Kester, will be one of your daily facilitators and advises on complex innovation and design projects with industry and national governments. David worked for over 25 years in the creative industries and is former Chief Executive of the UK Design Council.

Professor Ralf Beuker, will be your Academic Coach. Dean Faculty of Design Muenster University of Applied Sciences and a Strategy Thinking Coach targeting decision makers in the creative industries including design oriented companies in particular.

Tim Schuurman, will be one of your daily facilitators and highly experienced trainer and facilitator for Service Design Thinking training sessions with a background in Change Management and Business Modeling and co-founder of DesignThinkers Academy.

We strongly believe in ‘Learning by Doing’, so the DesignThinkers Bootcamp will be a high energy and hands-on event. You’ll be challenged to work in small teams on a real case and learn to work with Service Design and Design Thinking tools like Personas, Cultural Probes, Customer Journey Mapping, Stakeholder Mapping, Value Network Mapping, Prototyping, Business Modeling, Road Mapping and more. Moreover, the focus of this program will be on exploring the questions how to integrate these tools in an organization and how to create buy-in within an organization and with your sponsors.

The end result is aimed at a transformation of the participants, knowledge of tools and methods, a deep understanding of the value of design, and professional & personal growth.

The DT Bootcamp is especially designed for ‘Industry Executives’, ‘Senior Government Policy Makers’ and ‘Independent Professionals’ who want to take the next step towards actually using Design Thinking in their daily work. Next to learning Service Design Thinking tools and methodology and transforming your way of thinking and your mindset, the Bootcamp coaches are all practitioners and will guide participants toward putting Design Thinking into practice.