Selection of Brands we currently work for:

Selection of Brands we

Selection of Brands we currently work for:

Key Associates DesignThinkers

We are not a traditional Agency. We work with a broad range of Associates around the world, a Network allowing us to be extremely flexible to the customers' demands and up-to-date with the latest Design Force and Design Thinking methodologies.

Arne van Oosterom

Founding Partner DesignThinkers Group

Founding Partner DesignThinkers Group, Founder of DesignThinkers Academy and the Design Thinkers Network. Arne is an
innovation facilitator, team and personal coach helping build people centric innovation capabilities within organizations. He's also Keynote Speaker at various International Universities and Conferences.
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Marjo Staring

Founding Partner DesignThinkers Group

Partner/Owner DesignThinkers, Amsterdam. Entrepreneur and Manager of Strategy & Design Projects and New Marketing
Campaigns. Creative Thinker with over ten years of experience in Design Agencies. Fields of expertise: Government, Financial Services, Mobility Services, Real Estate, Energy Market, Exhibitions and Experiences.
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Tim Schuurman

Partner DesignThinkers Group

An experienced and result oriented Allround Professional with a strong Commercial Drive. He is used to act as a business partner in both corporate and governmental (global) environments. Specialist
in the area of Service Design, Government, Telecommunications and Local Media. A motivator and teamplayer who excels in providing conditions for professionals to be successful.
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Jorge Rodriguez

Managing Director DesignThinkers Spain

Jorge is heading Design Thinkers in Spain. He is a skilled facilitator for in-company training and community programs and has a strong experience in design research and HCD focusing on trends and adaptation of products and services to new markets. Jorge is also partner at AlgoBueno Studio and director of the MiDi Masters Program in Research for Design and Innovation at Elisava University UPF in  Barcelona. He has worked for the manufacturing, government & TV industry.

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Marc Bolick, AIA

Managing Partner DesignThinkers U.S.A

Marc leads the US office of DesignThinkers, working to grow the business and the team, and helping to deliver on client engagements. With over 20 years of experience in various aspects of product and service creation, Marc has worked in a variety of sectors including medical devices, mobile & web applications, travel & leisure, financial services, and innovation consulting.
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James Rock

Managing Director DesignThinkers U.K.

James is heading DesignThinkers U.K. He was Chief Business and Service Designer at Cultivar, an independent consulting practice he set up after 10 years with leading global management consultancies. His purpose is: "Using creativity, insight and design experience to invent better ways of doing business…" using customer-centric Design Thinking and Service Design methodologies to introduce creativity and innovation into strategy development processes.
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Joel Van Dyke, AIA

Founding Partner DesignThinkers U.S.A

Joel’s educational background in business and architecture have positioned him to lead Freeman|Major|Van Dyke, an architecture and strategic design firm based in Greenville, South Carolina. As an architect, Joel focuses on the alignment of facility design and organizational brand, while bringing innovation to both. Joel has an entrepreneur’s passion for new ideas and fostering collaboration.
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Robert Bloom

Partner for DesignThinkers South Africa, owner CREO

Robert is part of Design Thinkers Group Global Council and representing Southern Africa. He's also founder of CREO a boutique design-led consultancy based in Cape Town South Africa that was established in 2010 to create innovative service driven companies. Creo focuses on helping organisations be more innovative in the solutions and experiences they offer to gain competitive advantage. Robert believes in the power of collective engagement. Robert has deep experience across sectors in building systemic solutions using a
stakeholder approach to get engagement that meet market needs.
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Yvonne Wen

Managing Partner DesignThinkers Asia

Yvonne works to grow the Asian business and to engage with the Asian clients. With multicultural experience and an MBA degree, Yvonne works across different sectors: telecom, mobile data services, consumers digital devices, marketing agencies, retails, etc.Yvonne also develops her Human Centered approach along with her marketing and sales business functions.
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Markus Stoisser

Co-founder of DesignThinkers Austria

"Creativity is the Key.“
He therefore accompanies innovation processes, creates the necessary awareness in business for creativity and establishes free space for idea generation in organizations. Additionally he supports those organizations in developing and implementing sustainable idea management systems. He has a background in Creativity and Innovation-Management at the Edward de Bono Institute.
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Manuel Grassler

Co-founder of DesignThinkers Austria

He engages in brand development, market research, peoples needs and insights to design new service approaches internally and externally with 10 years of experience in Austria’s health care industry. Trained in production techniques, business economy as well as graphic and communication design he connects controversial and holistic patterns of thinking. Therefore Manuel loves projects were he can commute the frontiers between creative business and strategic design. View Full Profile of Manuel on LinkedIn

Petra Pečarević Dolezil

Founding Partner DesignThinkers Group Croatia

Entrepreneur and manager with 10 years of experience in the travel industry where she managed the operations of an integrated travel company with over 200 employees. With an educational background in both art&design and business administration, she is currently co-owner and manager at two companies: Meamodo Creative Intelligence, a consultancy specialized in business advisory with a focus on business development and marketing; Kolos Ing, specialized in innovative solutions in architecture and engineering.

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Giselle Della Mea

Managing Director DesignThinkers Uruguay & Argentina

Giselle is heading DesignThinkers Group in Uruguay and Argentina. She is Founder of Innodriven -an innovation firm- and -a design firm-. Founding Curator of Global Shapers Community – Montevideo HUB, a World Economic Forum initiative. She’s organizer and licensee of the TED Punta del Este and keynote Speaker at various Conferences in Latam and Spain. Giselle is also Board Member of Uruguay Country Brand Team and Professor of "design thinking" in Universidad ORT Uruguay.
Her challenge is apply Design Thinking in the base or pyramid to
solve problems through social entrepreneurship.

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Alfredo Osorio

Managing Director DesignThinkers Chile

Alfredo heading DesignThinkers in Chile. He is engineer, entrepreneur and business & happiness designer. He founded Testa Innovation Lab in Chili and is design thinker with over twenty years of experience as entrepreneur, management consultant and director and manager of companies. In his words:
"I live in beta helping organisations to be innovative and happier."
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Eduardo Loureiro

Managing Director DesignThinkers Brazil

Eduardo Loureiro is co-founder of DesignThinkers Brazil and Mozaiko (Educational and Social Innovation project). He is teacher in several educational institutes and was part of the first Brazilian post-graduate course in Interaction Design. He started his career as Interaction Designer and is local leader of IxDA. He was one of the pioneers of User Experience Design in Brazil and has been working for big brands/institutions in Brazil like Google, Itaú Bank, Coca-Cola, Ford, Red Bull, Havaianas and brazilian government.

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Brian Ling

Senior Advisor Singapore & owner Design Sojourn

Brian is owner of Design Sojourn in Singapore and an award winning multidisciplinary Design Leader with more than 15 years of experience leading strategic design programs that drives successful Brands, Fortune 500 businesses, and Government Institutions.  His passion is in helping organisations leverage on Design Driven Innovation to make people's lives better.
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Marc Stickdorn

Senior Advisor Germany

Marc is editor of „This is Service Design Thinking“ and coordinates European research projects and consults organisations on service design. He has a background in strategic management and marketing and lectures service design & innovation at the MCI, Austria. Marc is lecturer and speaker at various international business and design schools and conferences. Marc is connected to DesignThinkers as Senior Advisor Service Design Thinking with a focus on the German speaking countries.
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Josefine v/den Eerenbeemt

Creative Director DesignThinkers/Owner FINE

Josefine is a highly experienced and talented designer and owns a Master Title in Graphic Design. She started her career as a Graphic Designer at Institutionnel Design Paris and worked as an Art Director for many Innovative and Creative Companies and Agencies. As Creative Director at DesignThinkers she is responsible for turning ideas into Real Visible and Tangible Concepts.
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Simone Veldema

Senior Associate DesignThinkers/ owner Greenbiz Startup

Simone workes in the international front-line of innovation and sustainability. Her specialities: economic growth, redesign, new partnerships and cross supply chain thinking. She's developing a new 'Sustlab' method in order to enhance business models, initiated a 'Green Jobs Initiative' and is involved as initiator or advisor in various start-ups. Its her believe organizations who embrace the sustainable economy to the fullest will be the most profitable in the long run. 

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Marieke van Dijk

Senior Associate DesignThinkers Group

Marieke is Innovation Management Consultant with 10+ years experience in managing complex (creative/digital) teams and projects. Marieke is lead designer for the Digital Methods Initiative, currently involved in the European research project, Electronic Maps to Assist Public Science (EMAPS), 2011-2014. She is also a principal affiliate of the Foundation. Marieke earned her M.Sc. in Design Research and a B.Sc. in Industrial Design from the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

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Daniëlle Hoek

Senior Asscociate DesignThinkers Group

Daniëlle Hoek has a passion for developing new service strategies
and strongly believes these should be based on the power of real authentic human interactions. She has over 17 years of work experience in the health & insurance sector and worked previously
at Achmea as a strategist, senior manager, advisor, and project manager at several "service" departments. Danielle was for example responsible for redesigning and optimizing consumer websites, implementing a multi-channel customer experience strategy
and coordinating the transition and renovation of several
brands and products.

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Johannes van den Eerenbeemt

Associate / Health Care Professional

Health Professional, Co-Founder of CareToDesign and motivated to make some real changes in Health Care. With a background in Health Sciences he started his career at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. As an entrepreneur he now contributes with creative solutions to solve the bigger challenges in health care at the level of the
care provider.

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Dolf Wittkamper

Senior Associate and Owner MetaClue

Dolf is an Innovation Management Consultant, Chairman of the FreeFormFab Foundation, Co-founder of the Co-Creation Association and has over 15 years experience in the High Tech, Healthcare, Internet, IT and Consumer Electronics industries. He was Senior Director R&D at Philips, New Venture manager and inventor of Shapeways and Design Director for Philips Healthcare and Semiconductors. He is a regular speaker and occasional lecturer.

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Emma Jefferies

Associate DesignThinkers

Emma is a Design Researcher and helps design team and companies reflect and improve their practices as the Design Doctor. With a background in Interaction Design, her PhD in Design, writing in Design and work with global design companies Emma explores how design practices develop. Her work is based on a passion for supporting the development of people in the creative sector and their ideas.

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Ralf Beuker

Professor and Dean of the Design School Münster

Ralf Beuker Professor for Design Management and Dean of the
Design School at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster, Germany. His professional background is rooted in the areas of strategy consultancy, design management research and
understanding the impact of technological innovation. Ralf is connected to DesignThinkers as a senior strategic advisor.
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Joris Hilckmann

Owner at Webmann

Joris is an extremely motivated, experienced and professional
Online Media Consultant and Senior Web Developer. His knowledge, skills and instincts have been critically important in providing Innovative Solutions in many highly complex online projects. Some keywords: Apps, Hand Coding, Accessibility, Web Standards, SEO, Content Management Systems, Community Building.
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